Unity and Diversity Services The world is one country and all the people its citizens
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Unity and Diversity Services Prioritizing health and well-being with unity in diversity

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Unity and Diversity Services Offering support services to eligible customers under the NDIS

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Unity and Diversity Services Working your way to build capacities and ensure independent living
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Unity in Diversity Services

About Us

UND Services envisions an inclusive community regardless of differences in beliefs and values.  We promote autonomous living and ensure that our service users utilize our expert assistance and achieve their needs and goals. Our team of support workers does not hesitate to walk the extra mile to help our customers get the most out of the support services we offer. 

Unity and diversity services

We offer NDIS services to eligible service users under their support plan, along with catering to the needs of other service providers and work in synergy with them to make this world a better place to live in.


A community inclusive of each individual regardless of their differences, beliefs, and values. 


Unity in Diversity Services strives to empower each individual and their families to promote better social, emotional, and physical health and well-being.

Our Services

Therapeutic Support
At UND Services, we offer therapeutic support to eligible service users and help them develop a new perspective towards life.
In-Home Respite Care
We understand how essential it is to have a break from the usual routine, and this is where this support service comes to the rescue.
Assistance with Daily Living (High-Intensity)
Under this support service, we provide tailored assistance with daily living at a higher intensity to eligible customers as per their NDIS plan.
Domestic and Personal Care
We provide in-home care to eligible customers with an active NDIS plan, which includes assistance or supervision with daily personal activities
Cleaning and Gardening
This customer service includes assistance with household activities and maintenance like cleaning, gardening, and sorting.
Accommodation and Tenancy Support
Our staff at UND works diligently to provide the most appropriate accommodation for the participants.

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