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Completion Instructions

Step 1 Check previous home safety checklist undertaken to identify any outstanding actions.
Step 2 If the situation fulfils the requirements indicate it in the ‘Yes’ column. If it does not meet the requirements, indicate it in the ‘No’ column and make notes in the comments/actions section of this checklist as to why it failed.

If there is an Urgent / Imminent Danger likely to cause death / serious injury - cease the inspection, guard the situation (e.g. physical barriers) and correct immediately. Report the issue to the responsible Manager (document on this form after the hazard is adequately controlled).
Step 3 Within the comments/actions section also indicate the action that is required to the address the issue.
Step 4 Sign off the Checklist and file original copy of this inspection checklist with the Supervisor and client file. If the Supervisor wants to provide additional comment this should be indicated in the Notes/Additional Issues section.
Step 5 Discuss major outcomes from the assessment (positive & unresolved corrective actions) at any client review or team meeting as appropriate.


Is there difficulty finding the street or property number?*
Is access to the front door clear of obstacles?*
Do the pathway/verandah/stairs have a level surface, non-slip, adequate width?*
Is there adequate lighting from the street to the front door at night?*
Is there a clear exit in the event of a fire?*
Is the client able to open the door?*
Is there good mobile phone reception?*
Are there pets/animals on the property? Can the animals be put in a room or outside during a visit?*


Are the entry/hallways clear of obstructions?*
Are mats/carpets secure and safe?*


Does the client have mobility issues e.g. wheelchair or other?*
Does the client live with other people? Are they likely to be present during home visits? Please provide detail.*
Are there any known weapons or firearms in the home?*
Are there any known issues with substance misuse in the home? If yes, please provide detail.*
Does the client speak English? Is an interpreter required?*
Are there particular cultural or religious sensitivities to be aware of?*
Does the client or other occupants smoke?*
Are the manual handling risks associated with the client’s serviced assessed and controlled?*
Have risks associated with personal care tasks been assessed?*

Interior Areas

Is the lighting adequate for tasks to be performed?*
Are exits unobstructed?*
Are heaters in a suitable position (e.g. no bedding, clothes or water nearby)*
Does the client have access to appropriate and well-maintained equipment and aids?*
Is the furniture safe and stable?*
Are there slip/trip hazards?*
Are electrical switches/power points in good condition and easy to access?*
Is ventilation and drainage adequate?*
Are benches/surfaces clean and adequate room/height to work from?*
Bath/Shower/Toilet – Is it appropriate for easy access, non-slip surfaces?*
Kitchen – Is it clean and tidy, including the fridge clean and food stored appropriately?*
Are chemicals appropriately labelled and stored securely?*


Please identify any other areas of concern*
Areas of concern*
Areas of concern*
Areas of concern*
Has a client risk assessment been conducted?*

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